Floral Art of Spring with The Wunderkammer

April 2021

Discover the vibrant world of spring in Holland with The Wunderkammer. The Wunderkammer is the magical creation of floral artists Florian Seyd and Ueli Signer. Based in the Netherlands (i.e. The Flower Country), their work is an all-encompassing blend of nature’s wonders and decorative elements that inspire inside and out. They are designers, urban farmers, curators of the unique and rare, decorators, and all-around creative visionaries. This April, the design duo invites you to color your space with a beautiful variety of tulips (fresh from Holland!), ranunculus, allium and various other vibrant spring staples that are sure to delight!

Course curriculum

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    Course Contents

    • Video 1: Welcome!

    • Video 2: Unboxing Your Floristry Kit

    • Video 3: Flower Recipe

    • Video 4: Flower Conditioning

    • Video 5: Vessel Preparation

    • Video 6: The Art of Arranging

    • Congratulations!

    • Flowering For Good